Erasmus+ YSEproject


YSE: Young Social Entreprenuership.

BS Eutin & ZBC Vordingborg September 2020-August 2022

Our first and foremost objective in building this international project is to gather people together around a common theme. These people, whether students, teachers or staff members of the different participating institutions, will benefit from the planned activities and exchanges and ultimately will gain confidence in speaking a foreign language, English first, and then a few words in other languages and learn to behave according to the customs of our hosts. At a time when populist movements are growing in several countries in Europe and jeopardize its unity, we want our students to broaden their minds on the question of a European citizenship. We have decided to work on running a student company with social aspects including environmental issues and a responsible attitude towards a sustainable world. Our final product will be a website which provides useful tips how to behave and act in other countries.  This project on (social) entrepreneurship will obvioulsy trigger the participants’ -and more particularly the students’- interest acting socially and environmentally. Such a project will promote the students’ engagement and cooperation; it will also reinforce the development of key competences, especially in the field of new technologies. Thanks to this project, they will gain autonomy, they will be sensitized to the economical and social mattes, they will learn more about international cooperation and relations; in a word, they will behave as European citizens who can act economical as well as social.

 The different meetings held in each participating school will reinforce this idea of a united Europe. One of our goals is to bring people together in order for them to exchange, communicate and create bonds that, hopefully, will remain for life. A website will be created in order to publish the results of the searches made by our students. As it will be made public, this will be a good, if not the best, way to let as many people as possible know that the youth in Europe want to take part in this fight for a better/safer world. We will also use the e-Twinning platform. We have already used it to get into contact. We will use it again to publish the results. These two media will help the students develop their competences in information technology. They will therefore learn about being responsible users of these tools.